When to Consider a Short Sale?

Mortgage Delinquency

Lenders see it happen almost every day. A borrower faces some kind of economic hardship or downturn and the borrower’s mortgage loan goes into default. The lender then has to decide what to do. Is a negotiated solution the best answer? Or should the lender commence foreclosure proceedings? The answer is never an easy one for the lender. There are numerous practical, economic, and legal factors to consider, and thy may not all point to the same solution.

Why Consider a Short Sale

There are potentially many negative consequences related to going into Foreclosure. A Successful Short Sale has an entirely different outcome. See: Foreclosure vs Short Sale -- Homeowner Consequences

These consequences include: Your ability to get a loan in the future, future interest rate, credit score, impact on credit history, security clearances, current & future employment, & deficiency judgments.

Patsy is trained and Certified to Help You Navigate the Short Sale Process

Patsy is a Certified Distressed Property Expert.This is a great benefit to you because the process can be time-consuming, detailed and requires professional relationships with lending institutions, title companies and others.